Supporting Construction Companies through periods of change and major transition.


The Secret of the Pine Cone
The hidden secret of a pine cone is the fibonacci sequence, which is visible if you know how to look. The key valuation of drivers of a Construction company are not always immediately visible.


The hidden secrets of a construction company are often in the work in progress. We know how to look.


Closing M&A deals means to step lightly and to empathise with people often faced with a lot of pressure.
Construction is a People Business


Are the key people still there? Are they really going to stay? We often know these individuals and may have some idea as to what may happen.


What is it really worth? We review the drivers of the valuation model. Sense in and common sense out, based on understanding the market rates.


Growing something exciting. If the NewCo is refreshing and new with investment in cutting edge technology the managers will stay. We will pass ideas and concepts to help this process.

We prefer the lead advisor role and to co-ordinate due Diligence teams from the large accountancy and legal practices.


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